Posted by: wheretheweebairnsare | December 18, 2011

Fall in Vancouver

My friend Sarika tells me “fall” is her favourite season. I have never been a particularly huge fan of “autumn”. In Scotland, it rains continuously; Vancouver is also notorious for the amount of rain it gets. But somehow, it doesn’t feel as dreary… and I can kind of see where Sarika is coming from.  The average temperature in October is about 10c, but im pretty sure it has been alot colder most of the time, dropping to 0c in November, and there has been ALOT of rain. Wellies/rain boots/gumboots are an essential for any Vancouverite, and is pretty much a complusory choice of footwear come fall. Almost fashionable.

Yet, when you get a beautiful sunny day, the air is crisp and the views are incredible.  The leaves begin to change, falling all over the city and brightening the neighbourhoods and parks with an array of colours. What’s more, two of the most popular holidays of the year – Thanksgiving and Halloween – happen in October. The great thing about living in a city like Vancouver is that you always have a season or a holiday to look forward to – once summer has finished, it is almost time for ski/snowboarding season, and once the snow has gone it is just about summer again….

Here’s a selection of photos i’ve both taken myself and stolen from google… 🙂




  1. Wonderful photos, especially the second one!! Wow!

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